What leadership and marketing have in common

Leadership and marketing has something in common?

I know there are many articles about leadership and also about a marketing. But I think no one says yet they have the same ground. Do you ever think that in some aspect, they are very similar? If you might ask me, I could definitely say it really is.

The first follower is needed for a great movement.

If you watch at TED unloaded above, you are going to find out that this lecture is about how to make movement. Although Derek Sivers says that the most important thing about his lecture is to realize that the leadership is a lot exaggerated, I still think that the most important lesson to find out the importance of the first follower to your movement.

A great movement starts from a few people that follows you.

Startup marketing is…

For startup, marketing means gathering initial clients who we could call as early adapter. Founders should meet a lot of potential customers, show them what you are doing and persuade them to buy your product. If you are a startup founder, you have to either find someone and make them the first followers. The first followers can show you what your startup is doing to his friends and followers. And that is how you make early adapters into your product.

Having leadership for a leadership

That is almost same way when you hire someone for your company. There going to be at least a group of people at your company and you should have leadership to get their passion into their work for your company. Usually, the first followers could be your co-founders. And the first thing you should do is also to find the first ones who will follow you and show others how to follow you.